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Maarit and I visited South Beach Miami this past February to do some final wedding planning.  We made the rounds which included picking out a cake at We Take the Cake, visiting The National Hotel [Jamie Lipman rocks] for our tasting and final walk-through with our fabulous decor people at Unforgettable Events, and of course Maarit experienced her hair and make-up trials.  It was a fun week and definitely made everything much more real in terms of knowing that you have a wedding coming up.  Exciting stuff!

I did take some pictures during the hair and make-up trials.  We meet up at a really funky studio in the Miami art district called Eazy Street Gallery.  In the pictures you can see some of the art on the walls.  They have a really big space there and some great exhibits.  They are doing some really cool stuff in the arts community – so if you are in the Miami area, check them out.  On to the hair and make-up…

Nicole Peglow of Peglow Designs is doing Maarit’s hair, and Maritza of Make-up by Marz is doing the make-up.  Both of these women were really cool and I had a great time just hanging out and watching it all go down.  It was super bowl week in Miami and things were a bit crazy – both were headed off to do hair and make-up for celebs at some big events which sounded exciting.

Personally I am not having any make-up done – nor my hair styled per se for the wedding.  I did get my hair cut while we were in Miami though – so I might stop back there and have them give me some professional love.  For peeps in the Miami area – you have to check out Nue Studio, very hip salon – Carolyn was da bomb.  Plus there are all kinds of vintage goodies around the salon and they are for sale…

A lot goes into planning a wedding, especially one that isn’t near your home.  But we are really excited about heading down to South Beach with our friends and family for our big day and we know that we’ve chosen some great people to work with.  I think that is the important thing – knowing that you gel with all the people you’ve hired to put your big day together – that those people are true professionals at what they do – and also that you love their work (and knowing that they love their work too).  I love weddings and can’t believe it’s almost time for my own!!!  July 3rd 2010 is right around the corner…

MIami 3 South Beach Wedding Photography   Hair & Make Up Stylists

MIami 4 South Beach Wedding Photography   Hair & Make Up Stylists

MIami 5 South Beach Wedding Photography   Hair & Make Up Stylists

MIami 2 South Beach Wedding Photography   Hair & Make Up Stylists

Miami 6 South Beach Wedding Photography   Hair & Make Up Stylists

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