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It’s been a busy week, but it’s been awesome.  Last Thursday I shot a beautiful wedding on the Boston Common for a wedding Bernadette from 14 Stories put together, then headed to Salem Willows over the weekend for a super sweet engagement shoot with a super awesome couple, and I topped things off yesterday by participating in a workshop held by Justin and Mary Marantz.   There’s a lot of blog posting to be done…as well as a lot of editing and I am loving it!

I truly do love wedding photography.  Do you ever wonder why someone has to travel so far and so wide to come full circle in following their true passions?  Some people never figure it out, but luckily I have.  Part of me wishes I was younger, or that I had followed my calling sooner.  I mean, I am 34 now and in some ways that sounds so young – but in other ways, so old.  I guess I look at some people who are a few years younger – who are doing what they love – and I wish I could have gotten to the place where I am now a few years ago.   But if I had, would I be the same person?  Would I be grateful?  I am not sure.

I’ve been reading a lot of business books lately, but they aren’t all business.  There is some personal development stuff lying in those pages.  Some books ask the deeper questions and prompt one to take steps – to be a doer, to be a starter, to blaze a trail versus sitting back and being pushed in the directions we aren’t always conscious of or think we cannot change.  I guess my point is that I see a lot of people who just sort of exist out there in the world and then I see a lot of people that are really present in their every day lives, moving and shaking and making things happen.  And for some people, their existence is happy and it works for them, they are content.  For me, I wasn’t happily content, I just became complacent.  This past weekend I watched Precious and for those of you that haven’t seen it, make sure to watch it.  It will make you think, about many things…

I am going to catch up this weekend and get some pictures from Chris and Kristin’s Salem Engagement shoot up on the blog, so check back for more fun pictures..for now here are some photos from my travels this past week:

2010 KristinChris EGMT 189 I Love Wedding Photography!

2010 Korpos JM Wkshp 100 I Love Wedding Photography!

2010 Juilie Kim Wdg 221 I Love Wedding Photography!

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