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My first posting!

This is really exciting.  A few months ago I decided to pursue my love and passion for photography.  I have taken many little steps over the past few months and it’s unbelievable how far I have come, and just the overwhelming amount of support I am getting, from friends, people and just the universe in general.  It is like I am now heading in a positive direction, doing something that supports my spirit and brings joy in my life.

There are many reasons for starting a blog for my new photography business, and sure marketing is a really important component of any business.  But I also wanted to document my journey.  I have been reading the blog of a young, but well established photographer named Jasmine Star who is out in California.  She started a blog early on in her journey, she was actually blogging as she began moving from in front of the lens, as a model, to behind the lens, as a photographer.   I have learned a lot from reading her posts (as well as the posts of other photographers’ blogs) and I wanted to possibly give to others in some way as well.  Also, it’s an opportunity for me to process my experiences – whether it is the positives or negatives.

Thanks for reading!

September 5, 2014 - 9:30 pm

Fillipe - marni finder – I am alywas too late for fantastic workshops that I find out about after the fact . Do you know if any other Scott Robert World Tour: Chicago One-Day Workshop’ will be up and coming in the future? I don’t mind driving farther away if it isn’t in Chicago. I live in the Chicago suburbs and I am practicing at my passion for photography every day. I like almost anyone into photography wants to IMPROVE. I am hoping to find the perfect workshop or mentoring situation to help push me to another level. Do you ever mentor, Mandie? I love the work that you do at your Red Gecko Studio. Just thought I’d ask . Thanks, Marni Finder (if you take a gander on facebook at my name marni finder’ you can see some of the work that I have been shooting . and you can see that I need someone to guide me . )

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