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UPDATE: Work and Life

It’s been a long time, but you, the reader wouldn’t know that since I took the dates off my posts. My last wedding was posted July 2013. And that was the last wedding I photographed, which was in May 2013.  Why a new blog post?  I wanted to let visitors know that I am no…

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Statue of Liberty on Film – New Jersey Photographer

I was going through some shots taken on medium format film today…I like this one. Probably because it reminds me of my home state…and the countless trips I have made to visit the Statue of Liberty… This photo was taken from a big sail boat this past May.  I wasn’t visiting Lady Liberty, I was…

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Thinking about my grandfather

I write about a lot of happy things on my blog, after all we photograph weddings and that’s such a special day in people’s lives.  Today I wanted to post about a sad, but yet in some ways happy occurrence in my life – the recent loss of my grandfather….I just went through some photos taken right…

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Stereophonic Love – no. 3

The summer is almost here….cheesy pop is taking over the airwaves and I can’t help but admit I have had enough Gaga!  Every new song is built on an old song, surely, but today’s pop is just boring me!  Is that so bad to admit??  I feel bad, I like pop music, I do, but…

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Stereophonic Love – no. 2

Remember back in October when I had that great idea about posting the music I was digging?  Probably not, since it was so long ago and I didn’t follow-up with another posting….until now!  Five songs that are in rotation on my ipod, here you have it: Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People – Super…

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