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Lukas, Marilyn and Dennis – Family Shoot in Roslindale

Ok, so I might start sounding like a broken record, but I am loving this! Seriously, people let me into their homes to shoot themselves, their children, their special moments in time and well….that’s what they hire me to do! This is a dream job, it is so natural, so fulfilling and just so ME!

A few weeks ago Maarit and I traveled to Roslindale to do a family shoot for an ex-Boston Machine Loft family from Lynn. Marilyn is a trip and it was super cool to shoot her and her family. I should note that family includes Angus, and he was there before Lukas, as child number one so to say…so I captured them all! At first I was bummed about the rain that kept us inside – we tried to take some umbrellas outside for some cool shots, but it was just raining too hard….but hey, inside worked and we rocked it!

Thanks for Marilyn, Dennis and Lukas (and Angus) for their cooperation and awesomeness for this shoot! I definitely have to come back and visit when the weather is a bit nicer in the spring and get some shots in for ya! OK — so wait, I have to say that I LOVE the family portrait on the couch, it’s my favorite. Now, I know that some might think – hey, well that’s not the type of portrait I am used to, not everybody is smiling and they aren’t all looking at the camera…BUT this is the moment, this is the REAL moment, the REAL family photo….the one that makes you want to look again, the one that makes you feel and think….and it captures the realness of this family….without words, this is why I love being a photographer…. You guys were GREAT – thanks for the opportunity to come into your home!

Here’s a little teaser!

September 5, 2014 - 5:17 pm

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