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UPDATE: Work and Life

It’s been a long time, but you, the reader wouldn’t know that since I took the dates off my posts. My last wedding was posted July 2013. And that was the last wedding I photographed, which was in May 2013.  Why a new blog post?  I wanted to let visitors know that I am no longer actively shooting weddings. Will I ever shoot them again?  I don’t know the answer to that right now. But I thought you deserved to know what was going on in my life…

As many of you know I am an attorney and have worked extensively in the area of sales and use tax and value-added tax. As I gain more and more expertise being the sales and use tax geek that I love being, I don’t have the time to photograph weddings. Being a professional wedding photographer takes a lot of time and commitment, and means that you don’t have many weekends to yourself. This means that I was often working on extreme over-drive. It was time to take a step back from photographing weddings.

Instead of photographing professionally, over the past year I have offered my knowledge on a variety of business topics, including sales and use taxes and income taxes, to photographers throughout the country by publishing articles in Behind The Shutter Magazine and speaking at multi-day conferences like Shutterfest.  Thank you to Sal Cincotta for those opportunities, because I really enjoy helping others by sharing what I know as a tax geek and a lawyer.

While my career as a tax professional is really important to me and while that is where my full concentration goes, it doesn’t mean that I won’t photograph anymore.  Photography started as a hobby and a passion of mine, and it continues to be hobby and a passion of mine.

If you have come to my site looking for a wedding photographer, get in touch. I know many amazing photographers that may be a good fit for your big day and I would love to tell you who they areicon wink UPDATE: Work and Life

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