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Wedding Photography Shoot – Las Vegas

As some of you may know, I spent this past week in Las Vegas at WPPI, a huge conference for portrait and wedding photographers.  The experience was absolutely amazing and I will be sure to post more about it separately!  But first I wanted to share some photos I took at a stylized shoot at the Las Vegas Country Club this past Sunday.

On Sunday I took part in a photo shoot that helped raise money for charity, put together by Laura Marchbanks, with the assistance of several generous vendors and Connecticut wedding photographers Justin and Mary Marantz.  For three hours myself and 19 other photographers took turns at various stations set up throughout the country club grounds.  I was so excited about this opportunity and learned so much from it!

I am going to share a few photos [there are bunch I haven't been able to go through] and can’t wait to put a Kiss album together.  Photography in general is amazing, but there is something very powerful about wedding photography that just “clicks” with me.  Yes, that was a stupid word to use – but I couldn’t resist…but back to the power. Seriously, the power of imagery and creating something that a person would run into a burning building to save because those memories are so important to them – that is something special.  I say this often, but I am truly grateful for all of these opportunities that have been presenting themselves to me.  For once in my life, my path just seems so right….

2010 LVCC WED 430 Wedding Photography Shoot   Las Vegas

2010 LVCC WED 744 Wedding Photography Shoot   Las Vegas

2010 LVCC Spread Wedding Photography Shoot   Las Vegas

2010 LVCC WED 109 Wedding Photography Shoot   Las Vegas

March 17, 2010 - 2:25 pm

Cathy - Kristin it was so great to meet you in Vegas! Love these images. Looks like it was a great shoot. The second one is my definitely my fave. Love it. :)

March 17, 2010 - 3:08 pm

kristin - Cathy – thanks so much! Yes – it was totally cool getting a chance have dinner with you and David. WPPI was so awesome and I can’t wait for next year…so many great people and I learned so many great things…I love being a professional photographer!

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